Shipping from the UK to the EU - Import VAT and duties

From 1st January 2021, our online sales to EU customers who reside at an EU address, have been treated as exports from the UK.

All our goods shipped from the UK to EU are now subject to new regulations, customs, and duties resulting from Brexit.

The following changes have been taken place from 1st January 2021:

  1. No UK VAT: No UK VAT on orders shipped from the UK to the EU, provided that the EU customer will import to their location outside the UK. 
  2. Import VAT and duties: Buyers are responsible for paying any applicable import VAT and duties on orders shipped from the UK to the EU, and Buyers will be contacted by local customs for payment when your goods arrive in your EU county. Please contact your local customs agencies for more details.

We will continue to work on providing the best online shopping solution to our customers. We'll keep you posted on additional developments, if any.


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