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Better flavour and better service

We had an issue with the original sublime vitality and had a positive and helpful response from customer service within the day. The lemon flavour sublime vitality was sent as a replacement and while still not delicious, we found it greatly improved from the original. Customer service was also greatly improved and much appreciated

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Roisin M.
Product is great customer service is poor

I’ve been buying sublime vitality for a few months and there is always some issue with the online ordering system. At first this was dealt with really pleasantly but recently the customer service rep was really unfriendly brisk and unhelpful… while the product is pretty disgusting it definitely does help and so I want to continue ordering but I really do think someone should work with the team on customer support. Those who use the product are often very ill and don’t have lots of energy to waste on navigating tech issues- and are often quite sensitive to rude or brusque email responses. For a high end product like this in terms of price the customer expects at least a semblance of friendliness and willingness to help…

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Sue S.
Helpful combination

Easy to mix and the lemon version is tolerable, although the powder tends to clump towards bottom of container at the end of supply. Container opening also too small for my hands to reach in! Longer "spoon"? or smaller container so that it is used up closer to start date? Having read other reviews, I would support conversion to capsules if that's an option.


Definitely noticed a difference taking this. But the packaging needs to be changed to a small tub. Too difficult to get out of a bag.

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Sally N.

It can be a great product if you receive it. Still waiting for my order 20 days ago. This is the second time my order has been ‘lost’ in transit. Will probably have to find another product


Bought this for our dog to win him off apoquel. This works great will purchase more for same purpose

Too early to say if they make a difference but easy to take.

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder

This has a good mix of supplements so convenient to take rather than buying 6 different ones.
I mix with a strong smoothie to disguise the vile taste, but it’s natural flavour doesn’t linger or repeat. Will try lemon one next time.

For fatigue post covid

These arrived promptly and within 3 weeks seem to have slightly elevated energy levels.

Fantastic product

I find it hard to tolerate some supplements due to ongoing digestive issues. These are super easy to take and extremely well tolerated. I now get all the herbal stuff I need in just 2 capsules per day. Brilliant!

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Malini M.
To help with long-COVID

Although I’ve been taking it for a short amount of time, knowing that this one product is able to cover all the essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients needed to help strengthen my immune-system… that alone makes me happy. So far I have tolerated it very well and hope to see results soon.

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Julie L.
Brilliant health aid!

I have a neurological condition plus long covid. I have struggled to take adequate supplements for years as many capsules/tablets caused digestive issues or stomach cramps. This stuff is great as I tolerate it perfectly well. Now I know I'm getting goodness each day to help with my ongoing health issues. Delighted!

Sublyme Essential

Expensive, but more economical than when I was buying all the ingredients separately. A high dose (compared with suggested dose on packet) was recommended by a medical practitioner and I think it has helped quell a 'die-off' reaction. An excellent product and I will probably buy again.

Just start this about 2 or 3 months Ago what a difference, help allot with inflammation love it 🙏


I’m over the moon you’re selling these now. Not many places sell them and to have them on tap at such a great price has been a godsend. They’re not a miracle cure but with continued use I’ve found them to take the edge of off bouts of inflammation, I wouldn’t be without them now.


Starter taking Tumeric and black pepper recently but it’s too early to comment on them. Will order again.

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Orla O.
Absolutely Disgusting

I don’t know what to say…. My consultant recommended Sublime Vitality ➕ Powder and it arrived this morning. I tried it with juice as recommended and could just about manage a sip before I could feel myself about to vomit. Can this not be made in capsules?

It is so unbelievably disgusting – like what I would imagine arsenic combined goblin urine would taste like. I don’t mean to be graphic, but come on, Lyme Disease / ME is hard enough and I know most of us will do anything to try and get even a little relief/improvement but this is just cruel. At £84 per month, I am going to have to find some way to get this smelly powder into myself.

I am planning to try purchasing vegetarian capsules and try to swallow it that way. If I am successful, I will update the review and let folk know how I get on but I am pleading with Just Herbs to please consider a capsule form of this or at least offer taster packets, so that people could see if it would be possible for them to take this before parting with £84. I certainly wouldn’t have purchased it if I had tried a taster pack.

I really hope it’s worth the money. Life with Lyme Disease / ME is hard enough without the daily torture of trying to down green swamp liquid at breakfast.

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Long covid aid

This was recommended to me and didn't have much hope for helping My symptoms. But it really did massively help calm my symptoms and give me little perk. Would recommend trying with juice and to have it with breakfast.

Good so far but early days yet.

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Debra F.
Not yet arrived

Hello, I am still waiting for my delivery. I am wondering if there is a problem with delivery to Spain at customs?

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Helen H.

I haven't tried it, but why, like other products, is there so much B12?

So far, so good

Bit early to tell if these are helping yet but easy to take and well tolerated.

So far, so good

Bit early to tell if they are helping yet, but easy to take and well tolerated.

Sublyme Vitality+ Powder
Elizabeth M.
Could this be made available as capsules?

Not yet been taking long enough to comment on whether this is working or not, but I do find smell and taste of this quite challenging. Maybe I am over sensitive, and persevering for now taking with juice. But would be even better if I could take as capsule.

Very good

is there any way to add cryptolepis?