Just Herbs for a just world

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Our Mission

Just Herbs was set up to serve customers in need of long-term care.

Aware of the high cost of getting well, we wanted to provide good quality herbs and natural supplements, in bulk quantities, at fair prices.

We can do this by sourcing the day-to-day herbal supplements that are needed, direct from growers and manufacturers without an intermediary.

We believe in fair priced herbs and supplements. Just Herbs for a Just World.

Our Values

Green Green is our favourite colour. It's the colour of the herbs, plants and nature all around us. We are forever grateful to the planet for the gift of plants, so it’s second nature for us to consider the impact of everything that we do on the environment. For this reason, most of our bulk capsules and tablets are packaged in compostable, biodegradable ‘biobags’. Even the resealable closure will biodegrade.

Our Herbs
Our Herbs We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest quality, sustainably harvested herbs. Wherever possible we buy direct from the growers. Where we have to buy from intermediaries we look for partners that we trust to ensure everyone is fairly paid for growing and harvesting. We choose organic wherever possible although not everything can be certified.

Our Supplements
Our Supplements The supplements that we source are made for us to our specification by companies that we trust. We prefer to be inclusive for vegetarians and vegans, and this is clearly stated on the packaging. Our capsules are free from artificial colouring, artificial flavours, salt, gluten and preservatives. Our tablets are made as simply as possible with the minimum of extra ingredients – like binders –necessary.

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Our Team

Just Herbs was founded by a group of individuals wishing to invest in affordable natural health solutions for those with long-term illnesses.